Kaguya (SELENE) tracking data are released

The Kaguya, Okina and Ouna lunar orbiters

Kaguya (SELENE) tracking data are released. The Kaguya mission, which is named after a legendary princess from Moon (Kaguya-hime), was composed of the three orbiters, Main (Kaguya), Rstar (Okina) and Vstar (Ouna). Okina and Ouna means "ground-uncle" and "ground-aunt" in Japanese, respectively. Okina and Ouna rotates around Moon above Kaguya, which is a remembrance of the scene that Okina and Ouna are affectionate to Kaguya-hime. These tracking data are valuable to measure gravitational field of Moon more precisely than ever. (2012 June)

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Last Modified: 07 November 2017