JUDO2 released

The second version of JAXA Universe Data Oriented, JUDO2 is released. Using JUDO2, you can browse all-sky images taken by various satellites and ground-based observatories, with the Suzaku and ASCA pointing positions. You can graphically choose the Suzaku and ASCA archival data, read the proposal abstracts, scrutinize the data and download. Now, MAXI GSC (2-30 keV) and SSC (0.5-12 keV) all X-ray data are newly added, as well as Swift BAT (14-105 keV) all sky images. Thanks to Aladin-lite, it is much faster to navigate and zoom-in/out the all-sky images, and you can superpose images which are publicly released outside of JAXA. You can also specify the target name or the position to jump to (find the query box on top-right). The image on the right-hand side is the Cygnus loop observed with MAXI-SSC and Suzaku. (December 2015)

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Last Modified: 07 November 2017