Magnetic field experiment data taken by Sakigake released

At ISAS, we are continuously collecting those data taken by past ISAS missions, and kept at Japanese universities. The dataset of the Interplanetary Magnetic Field experiment (IMF) and Orbit data onboard Sakigake is now available on DARTS. Sakigake, launched in 1985, was one of the twin spacecraft (the other is Suisei) sent to explore Comet Halley approached in 1986; Sakigake became the first Japanese "artificial planet". Three experiments were mounted on Sakigake, Solar-wind ion detector (SOW), Plasma-wave probe (PWP), and Interplanetary magnetic field measurement (IMF). It detected hydromagnetic waves generated by water group ions originating from the comet. Through collaboration with Tohoku Institute of Technology, those precious data kept at the university were made publicly available at DARTS. (Aug 2017)

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Last Modified: 07 November 2017