AKARI Update History

26 Feb. 2018: Products List is updated.

04 Jan. 2018: The database for AKARI CAS was restructured into multiple databases. Click here.

30 Jun. 2015: CAS/Explore, including newly AKARI All-Sky colored map provided by Aladin Lite at CDS, is open after renovation. Click here.

16 Mar. 2015: Map Data Archives is open to the public. .

16 Mar. 2015: Products List is updated.

05 Dec. 2014: "Products List" is updated.

16 Sep. 2011: "Asteroid catalog using AKARI (AcuA)" is opened to the public.

30 Mar. 2010: The AKARI All-Sky Survey Point Source Catalogues are opened to the public.

7 Mar. 2008: The AKARI pointing data are opened to public.

Last Modified: 01 July 2020