1. Planetary Texture

a) Specifications

"flow_ig" supports the following specifications as a texture image:
Image Format FITS, PNG, JPEG
Size The number of vertical and horizontal pixels must be a power of 2.
The others FITS is the origin at the bottom left of the image according to the SAOImage DS9. However, if you specify the -f option is "flow_ig" top left will be the origin.

∗ Ring texture images of planets are not drawn correctly If you do not specify a transparent PNG.

b) Recommendations

We recommend the following specification to prepare a global planetary surface texture:
A grid-line example image is here: grid Line

2. Coodinate System of the Shape Model

Coordinate system of a shape model is as follows:
+Z Arctic Direction.
+X Meridional direction.
+Y Direction to complement the right-handed coordinate system

3. WMS cached database

If you specify WMS servers to retrieve textures, "flow_ig" creates a cached database:

The cached database is used to keep from duplicate retrieving for the same request to WMS servers. If you run the flow_ig with the -x option (wms_delete_cache), the cache will be deleted upon launching.

license and policy

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