HINODE Data Analysis

HINODE data are freely available over the internet and each instrument team provide software written in IDL that is distributed through SolarSoftWare(SSW). Please see also HINODE Data page on DARTS.

Analysis Guides

Useful links for HINODE data analysis are listed below.

Mission Wide

SOT related

XRT related

EIS related

Analysis Tools

SolarSoftWare (SSW)
SolarSoftWare is a set of integrated software libraries, data bases, and system utilities with IDL which provide a common programming and data analysis environment for Solar Physics. Hinode calibration data and calibration programs will be provided by each observation equipment team from time to time, calibration data will be distributed by SSW DB, and calibration programs will be distributed by SSW.
SunPy is the community-developed, free and open-source solar data analysis environment for Python. About Hinode, there are SOTMap and XRTMap.

Analysis Systems at ISAS

In ISAS, the Solar group is providing computational environment for solar data analysis. Please contact "manager AT solar.isas.jaxa.jp" via e-mail to use the environement (please include manager: in the subject of e-mail).

Last Modified: 04 July 2022