HINODE Instruments - X-ray Telescope (XRT)

XRT has 2arcsec resolution that is three times as high as Yohkoh. XRT consists of the X-ray and visible light optics, focal plane mechanisms (filters and shutter), and the 2k x 2k CCD camera. The Mission Data Processor (MDP) also plays a vital role for XRT.

  • Temperature range: 6.1 < log T < 7.5
  • Temperature discrimination: log T=0.2
  • Angular resolution: 2arcsec
  • Temporal resolution: cadence=2s (reduced FOV), exposure time: min=4ms, max=10s
  • FOV: Full disk (>30 arc min)

XRT has an entrance pre-filter and ten focal-plane filters. The focal-plane filters consist of nine X-ray filters and one filter for visible-light observation (G-band). These filters are summarized below table.

Type Name Metal Substrate Hinode Deta Center EC_FW1 EC_FW2 EC_VL
Material Thickness Material Thickness
/ Trans.
"Wavelength" at Search Condition "Filter" at Search Result
Pre-Filter Al/Poly Al 1200 Å Polyimide 2500 Å (Not listied) - - -
Focal-plane Filters Thin Al/Mesh Al 1600 Å Mesh 82 % Thin Al Mesh Thin_Al_mesh 0 1 0
Thin Al/Poly Al 1600 Å Polyimide 2500 Å Thin Al poly Thin_Al_poly 1 0 0
Thin Be Be 9 µm - 100 % Thin Be Thin Be 3 0 0
Med Be Be 30 µm - 100 % Medium Be Medium_Be 4 0 0
Thick Be Be 300 µm - 100 % Thick Be Thick_Be 0 5 0
Thick Al Al 25 µm - 100 % Thick Al Thick_Al 0 4 0
Med Al Al 12.5 µm - 100 % Medium Al Medium_Al 5 0 0
Ti/Poly Ti 3000 Å Polyimide 2500 Å Ti poly Ti_poly 0 2 0
C/Poly C 7000 Å Polyimide 2500 Å C poly C_poly 2 0 0
White Light SiO2 2.5 mm - - Gband G-Band 0 3 1

The values in the "EC_FW1", "EC_FW2" and "EC_VL" columns of the table represent the values of the EC_FW1, EC_FW2 and EC_VL keywords in the FITS header. EC_FW1 and EC_FW2 are position numbers at the filter wheel 1 and the filter wheel 2, respectively. EC_VL=0 means VLS(visible light shutter) is closed and EC_VI=1 means VLS is open.

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Last Modified: 04 July 2022