HINODE Data Search Systems

DARTS Hinode Data Center provides a cross-instruments search system for observation data. It is also possible to display a quick-look image of each data and plot the observation time and observation area of the data that matches the specified conditions. Please click the link below to try it.

Last update : June 10, 2022 (Release notes)

Introduce applications to search Hinode data, including other sites. We try to search at each query system, to confirm availability of each processed level data. Please let us know if there are any differences from the current situation.

Last update : June 8 2022

Application SOT-FG SOT-SP XRT EIS Others Institution
Pre 0 1 Pre 0 1 2 Pre 0 1 2 Pre 0 1 2
Hinode Data Center Hinode Obs Plan,
SOT-SP Map (Pre, Level-0)
Hinode Archive Search IRIS [ESA] European SDC
Heliophysics Knowledgsbase Event (HEK) + Data Search HEK Events, IRIS [LMSAL] LMSAL
Heliophysics Knowledgebase Coverage Registry (HCR) Search AIA, INTEGRAL/IBIS, IRIS, TRACE, etc [LMSAL] LMSAL
SolarSoft SOT Level0 Catalog Search [LMSAL] LMSAL
X-ray Solar Daily Images Yohkoh, SOHO, SDO [DARTS] DARTS
SolarSoft XRT Catalog Search [LMSAL] LMSAL
XRT data search [MSSL] MSSL
EIS data search by date/SQL [MSSL] MSSL
EIS data search by study [MSSL] MSSL

Last Modified: 04 July 2022