Yohkoh Data

All the Yohkoh data are public, and available via http.


YLA4ISAS is a redacted version of the Yohkoh Legacy data Archive (YLA) as of 2019. The YLA is a higher-level archive that has been developed and maintained by the University of Montana. Using YLA, non-expert users can easily use Yohkoh's scientific data and materials. YLAISAS does not include the interactive processing, unfinished catalogs, etc. which are available in the YLA.
ISAS ORIGIN stores the original observation data, QL images, and analysis information that had been accumulated at ISAS since the start of the Yohko observation. QL images can be viewed using the X-ray Solar Daily Images tool.


Each archive contains various products such as below.

Flare catalog

Whole mission movies

How to create DVD?
  1. Access DARTS via network (HTTP), download files under AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS.
  2. Keep the original directory structures of AUDIO_TS, VIDEO_TS, and burn DVDs using any DVD writing tools
How to get DVD media?
  • Please contact darts-admin AT ml.isas.jaxa.jp if you need DVD media.

Daily images and weekly movies

In particular, daily images and weekly movies are provided for quick look purposes:

Synoptic images

Synoptic movies

Last Modified: 04 July 2022