Low Energy Particle (LEP)

1989 Mar. to 1997 Dec.

Request for Users

All data is freely used in researches and oral/postal presentations. If you request special diagrams of the LEP, please contact to Prof. Mukai before using the data in oral/poster presentations.
    1. 1. Before the submission, you should contact to Prof. Mukai for the confirmation of the data reliability.
    2. We ask you to send reprints to AKEBONO Project Office.
    3. The use of the DARTS/AKEBONO data should be acknowledged, for example, as "AKEBONO LEP data were provided by Prof. Mukai through DARTS at Institute of Space and Astronautical Science (ISAS), Japan."

Information of LEP

Data of the LEP and Caution

LEP has 29ch in Energy and 18ch in Pitch-angle (every 10 degree). Following is conversion table of "from channel to energy", and from count-rate to flux / phase-density".

Ch -> E [eV] COUNT -> J [1/cm2 s sr eV] J -> f [s3/m6]
Electron 10.2 e0.25466 Ch COUNT/(5.8 10-5E) 1.616 10-19 (J/E)
Ion 12.5 e0.25466*Ch COUNT/(2.3 10-4E) 5.449 10-13 (J/E) (Mi/Mp/Q)2

LEP count rate data may still contain background noise depending on pitch angles. The data less than 1000 cps may be unreliable. Those less than 300 cps may be very unreliable. Please ask Prof. Mukai (ISAS, Japan) when using the LEP data of low count rate as noted above.

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